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Trust a Dependable Residential Electrician to Never Deal With Electrical Issues Again!

Electricity is as indispensable in your daily life as eating or sleeping, since many of our activities depend on electrical energy. You should never have to deal with any kind of electrical issues! You can get a fully functional electrical network with the professional help of a residential electrician. Turn to Zavaleta's Electric to invest in excellent, effective, and affordable electrical services for your property in Houston, TX or any of the nearby areas!

What We Offer

Electrical Rewiring

Electrical Rewiring

If the current electrical wiring of your home has been there for decades and you haven’t made any updates to it, there is a chance of it presenting regular malfunctions. My electrical rewiring service is ideal for all homeowners wishing to ensure their energy supply by replacing their dilapidated wiring!
Underground Wiring

Underground Wiring

Some types of properties require their wiring to be underground for functionality or aesthetic reasons. If this is the case in your home, turn to us without hesitation! Our team is specialized in underground wiring, and we can give you the exceptional and safe results that you expect!
Panel Upgrading

Panel Upgrading

If you deal regularly with shortcuts and voltage variations, your old electrical panel may be the cause of it! With our expert help, you can upgrade it and forget about the many problems an old panel can bring. We will give you the most functional and dependable panel your property may need.
New Electrical Construction

New Electrical Construction

If you are about to finish your new home’s construction project and you need to install the electrical network of the building, you can turn to us too! Let us come to the construction site and do careful, precise, and fast work! We will deliver a strong and dependable electrical network for your new home!
Lighting Fixture Installation

Lighting Fixture Installation

Provide your home with all the light you may need to enhance its looks and create a pleasant ambiance with the expert help of our team! We can do excellent light fixture installation work for you without a problem. Just tell us which type of light you want to install in every spot, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Your Safety Comes First

When you trust an exceptional electrical service, you can rest assured your safety will always be a priority. It is always mandatory to leave dangerous electricity work to experts who can protect the integrity of your home and electrical network, prevent fire hazards, and keep you and your family out of danger. Plus, with a fully working electrical network, you will save on energy costs!

How We Care For Your Electrical Network

We are a quality electrical company that cares about the satisfaction and safety of its customers. Therefore, our electricians always follow excellent security protocols to make sure that there is no risk to any person, appliance, or building when doing their work. Plus, we use professional tools and outstanding techniques to deliver fast, effective, and durable results.

The Areas We Cover

There is no impediment to booking our affordable electrical service today! Not even distance is a problem for our team when it comes to assisting our valued customers with excellent electrical solutions. Therefore, we can visit all properties in Houston, TX and the following areas:

  • Brookside Village, TX
  • Bellaire, TX
  • West University Place, TX
  • Seabrook, TX
  • Manvel, TX

If you are interested in meeting a dependable electrician from our team, you can book your appointment with Zavaleta's Electric at your earliest convenience! We have excellent availability for our most busy customers. Give us a call today!

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by Walter P. Smith on Zavaleta's Electric
Excellent Company!

I feel honored to recommend this quality electrical company to anyone reading this review! They helped solve all the electrical issues of my home and took a gigantic burden off my shoulders. I cannot thank them enough for their speedy and excellent work!

Services List

  • Electrical Rewiring
  • Underground Wiring
  • Panel Upgrading
  • New Electrical Construction
  • Lighting Fixture Installation