Beyond Electrical Rewiring Service: We Also Offer Underground Wiring Installation Service

If you’re considering upgrading your electrical system, reach out to Zavaleta's Electric. We’re known for our electrical rewiring service in Houston, TX, but we also offer underground wiring installation solutions. Our skilled professionals can safely replace your outdated, overhead wires for a sleeker look and improved functionality. Choose us for a seamless and satisfactory switch to underground wiring!

Underground Wiring Installation: Modernizing Power Distribution

Underground wiring installation involves burying electrical cables beneath the ground surface, offering a more efficient way to distribute power throughout your property. Whether it’s residential or commercial infrastructure, our experienced technicians ensure the job is completed accurately and according to all safety regulations.

We take great care in every step of the process:

  • Assessing site conditions and opportunities for cable routing
  • Acquiring necessary permits and approvals
  • Determining suitable cable types and sizes
  • Coordinating with utility service providers
  • Excavating trenches, installing conduits, and laying cables
  • Filling trenches and restoring original landscape conditions
  • Testing installations to guarantee optimum performance quality

You can trust our team at Zavaleta's Electric to provide you with a secure and effective underground wiring system that meets your specific needs.

The Advantages of Switching to Underground Wiring

Beyond improving aesthetics by eliminating exposed cables, underground wiring comes with many other benefits. For one thing, it minimizes the risk of electrical accidents caused by fallen power lines or contact with low-hanging wires. Buried cables are also better protected against extreme weather conditions like storms and heavy snowfall, decreasing the likelihood of power outages or equipment damage. Since underground wires require fewer repairs and replacements, you can save money in the long run. Additionally, underground utilities often have a longer service life, making them an economically wise investment.

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Investing in an underground wiring system will not only elevate your property’s aesthetics but also increase its overall value. At Zavaleta's Electric, we are committed to providing high-quality underground wiring installation services in the Houston, TX area. Our mission is to help you experience the benefits of a safer, more reliable electrical system without compromising on aesthetic appeal, so book an appointment with us now! You can also dial (346) 484-0345 to know more about our electrical rewiring service and other top-tier solutions.